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Connecting to Cola directions

Starting July 31 2015, the main College of Liberal Arts website, along with the department pages, are hosted on the university's Drupal server.
This move will require the host name of to be moved to the campus Drupal server and removed from our current server. As a result, any web sites that are currently hosted on the CLA server with URLs of the form (e.g., and personal websites with URLs that follow the form  will no longer work. In addition to the web sites, any file shares that were accessed with the host name will also not work.
The web sites and file shares still exist — no content has been destroyed or deleted — but they will not be accessible from their current URLs. To remedy this we are renaming our server to , so the new URLs to the previous web sites will take the form starting July 31, 2015. Once the move takes place, you will need to access your web site using the new host name to verify and update any broken links. File shares will also be accessible with the new name. 
The main task for many of us will be to review and update our links in our websites (faculty, department, and affiliated sites) to reflect these changes. Any links you have to the college's main page using should continue to work (no changes needed); however, this may not be true of other link within the CLA pages, even those of the form cla.calpoly.ed/contacts.html. So again, please review your various links and update as needed.

If you need help updating your links in your faculty or other affiliated websites, please feel free to contact us.
If you need help updating your links in your Drupal websites, please feel free to contact Krista Smith at 756-2986 or . Please also contact Krista if you see any needed changes to links in the new, main cla website.

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