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College of Liberal Arts Tech Committee

2016-2017 College Tech Committee

The CLA Technology Committee’s primary function is to act as an interface between the University ITS program, the CLA Technical Support Staff and college wide users, which includes both faculty and staff. The committee typically meets 2-3 times each year to address a variety of issues ranging from technical service, faculty and staff workstations to campus wide network security. This committee acts as a conduit for information that needs to flow in both directions. It does not directly make IT policy, but  makes sure the interests of the CLA faculty and staff users are taken into account by those who do.

If you have any questions or are interested in attending meetings, please contact in the CLA Dean’s office to add your name to the meeting notification list, or email Chair, CLA Technology Committee.

Members of CLA College Tech Committee
NameDeptOffice PhoneEmail (
Ken Brown - Chair Philosophy 62974  
Matt Corippo Art & Design 61566  
Bruno Ribiero Art & Design 62729  
Tom Dresel CLA Tech 61252  
Jennifer Hodges CLA Tech 61252  
Jeff Yeackle CLA Tech 61252
Debra Valencia-Laver  College of Liberal Arts 62359


Jnan Blau Communication Studies  62510  
David Gillette English 62331  
Jane Lehr Ethnic Studies 66442  
Eric Johnson Graphic Communication 61105  
Lewis Call History 62672  
Sharif Sharifi Information Security 65595  
Velanche Stewart  Journalism 65349  
Brady Teufel Journalism 66145  
John Thompson Modern Languages & Literatures 62238  
Antonio G. Barata Music 62664  
Ben Reveley Music 66835  
Anika Leithner  Political Science 62760  
Jason Williams  Psychology & Child Development  62843  
Greg Bohr Social Sciences 61322  

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