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Special Alert from Cal Poly Information Services

Please advise users in your area to be wary of telephone calls from people claiming to represent Microsoft support. The caller may suggest that they are going to assist in resolving error messages, and request access to your computer. These calls may come from unusual telephone numbers and the caller may speak with an accent.


Do not provide any information or follow directions provided by the caller. Simply hang up.

If you or one of your users receives such a call, please notify and (if possible) include the incoming number, the campus extension receiving the call, and the date and time so we can take appropriate action.

In January, we have received at least two reports of fraudulent computer support phone calls being made to university phones. As far as we can tell, only a handful of employees have been contacted to date, but we wanted to make you and your users aware of this security issue.

Like a phishing email, these phishing calls are designed to gain access to campus computers by fooling the recipient into believing they come from a valid source. Microsoft will only contact an individual in response to a service request by the user. The ITS Service Desk is the contact point for support questions involving university computers.

For more information on this particular scam:

Microsoft is aware of the problem as noted here:

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