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ITS Service Desk now accepting orders of Verizon iPhone

The ITS Service Desk will begin accepting orders for VERIZON iPhones through our CWC Verizon contract on 2/03/11.  As this is a new service offering, we will take care to assure a smooth transition.  

Verizon offers two models of iPhones.  The upgrade price for a Verizon iPhone is as follows:  
$199.99 for the 16GB (plus tax on the full retail price of $649.99)
$299.99 for the 32GB (plus tax on the full retail price of $749.99)
If not eligible for an upgrade, the price for the iPhone would be the full retail price listed.

If you would like to order a Verizon iPhone for one of your users currently eligible for an upgrade, please fill out the Verizon Cellular request form at specifying which iPhone you’d like to purchase at

If you’d like to check to see if a user’s cell phone is eligible for an upgrade, please call the ITS Service Desk (6-7000) with the user’s Verizon cell phone number.

NOTE:  iPhones (like all Smartphones) require a Data Plan and Verizon is including the iPhone under its Unlimited Smartphone data plan for $23.49/month.

For users who have AT&T iPhones and wish to port their number (and order new Verizon iPhones *REQUIRED*), please specify the iPhone you wish to order and enter the Cal Poly AT&T iPhone number in the Cellular Number field.  Please add a note in the Comments field requesting to port the Cal Poly AT&T number to Cal Poly’s Verizon contract.  Please be aware that early termination fees may be applied by AT&T.

We have prepared a Verizon versus AT&T iPhone comparison matrix which is available under the Telephones and Cellular Support web page under the Cellular Phone Information for Faculty and Staff at

Due to recent inquiries into cellular services, please review our complete Cellular Telephone Guidelines at

If you have any additional questions, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 756-7000.

ITS Service Desk Telephone Support Team

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