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My Files Access Instructions

Cal Poly's My Files file management system is a service that allow users to store and access their data files, which  are stored on Cal Poly's central user file server (also known as the U-Drive), from multiple computers. My Files is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, on-campus or off. This is a private data storage location limited to 5 Gb designed not to be shared or expanded. By default, My Files will display a web page or, if it's a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, will show a mobile version of the page.

My Files browser window

Some of the suggested uses for using My Files are:

  • For accessing data off multiple machines located on and off campus. 
  • For storing copies of important primary and secondary documents such as research papers, in case of incidents such as accidental loss or deletion. 

Please note if you need more space please use OneDrive for none level one data (what is level one data), or fill out an online request form for space on of the CLA servers.

To access My Files:

Open your web browser and visit

My Files login dialog box

A dialog box appears on the screen. Enter your Cal Poly username and password in the appropriate fields and click on the "Sign In" button.

My Files home drive

You should now see a new web page called My Files. This is your virtual storage space. Take note of the folder called "Home Drive," which can be found on the screen via both the left navigation pane and the main window.

My Files expanded view

Click on "Home Drive." This will display the directory of your account, including any files and folders that you have added.

Please click on the Help link, located on the upper right area of My Files window for more  information and instructions on the features of My Files.

When using My Files, please be sure to log out when you are finished in order to protect from potential intrusion to your account. If you use Firefox, be sure to exit the browser in addition to logging out to clear your user info from the cache.

If you have any questions about using My Files, or if you are having technical issues, please contact at x1252 (805-756-1252) or the campus Service Desk at x7000 (805-756-7000).

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