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CLA Tech: What We’re Doing and Why

You may have noticed students that are part of CLA Tech going around working on various faculty machines. We are in the process of simultaneously conducting inventory and updating all the machines in the College of Liberal Arts. We would like to give a brief explanation of what we are doing and w...
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Physical Inventory Improvement Project

The latest information regarding the campus-wide RFID/barcode tag implementation project can be found on the Property Accounting webpage.

The main points are:

Workstation Update

To CLA faculty with Windows workstations: 

In the following weeks, we'll be expanding the automatic update feature on your systems.  Once patched, your system will quietly update itself with the latest software and security revisions, including third-party packages like Flash,...
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SPECIAL ALERT from Cal Poly Information Services

Please advise users in your area to be wary of telephone calls from people claiming to represent Microsoft support.
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IPad Acquisitions Information

To assist faculty/staff with Cal Poly iPad acquisitions (purchased or gifted), campus procedures and guidelines are now available.

For details and more information, visit the ITS website.

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News Alert - Phishing Email

A phishing email is being circulated with the subject line of 'Verify'.
Once opened, it requests your Cal Poly user name and password, purportedly sent from CalPoly Webmail Technical Support.

This is a phishing email attempting to obtain your credentials.
Please do NOT reply ...
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Verizon now Offers iPhones

The ITS Service Desk will begin accepting orders for VERIZON iPhones through our CWC Verizon contract on 2/03/11.  As this is a new service offering, we will take care to assure a smooth transition.  
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