CLA Technical Services

Working on Personal Machines

The CLA Technical Team, by law, can only work on state-owned equipment. It is illegal for us to work on personally owned machines, even if those machines are used for state business. Faculty and staff are provided machines purchased, configured, and maintained to a standard model, enabling our ability to provide support and maintenance. The plethora of machines, operating systems, hardware, and applications associated with home machines is simply too much for the CLA Technical Team to support.

If you need help with your personal machine, the ITS Service Desk (805-756-7000) is the primary point of contact for all home and personal computer service requests including:


  • Machine infections
  • Anti-virus installation, configuration, and maintenance
  • Email and calendaring
  • Data storage and backup requests
  • Data loss issues
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Issues accessing the Cal Poly home page ( or the Cal Poly Portal (


Please note the ITS Service Desk may provide only limited support, depending upon the issue. If ITS is not able to support your personal machine, the next options are:



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