CLA Technical Services

Customer Service Hours and Request Procedures

All technical support services are performed on campus only for equipment purchased with university funds only (including State, Corporation and/or Foundation, and equipment donated in-kind). Please also read our policies regarding personal machines.

Service Hours

Normal Service Hours

Workstation support services are available for on-campus service only during normal business hours. These are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am through 4:00 pm, excluding federal, state, and university holidays.

Extended Service Hours

On rare occasions and by special arrangement only, the CLA Tech Team can provide after-hours. on-campus support services. Requests for such services should be reserved for exceptional circumstances, such as when performing work during normal business hours would cause significant disruption to office or lab operations. Whenever possible, requests for such services shall be submitted a minimum of one week in advance.

Service Request Procedures

Standard Service Requests

All requests for assistance in using software applications, obtaining upgrades, and providing non-critical repairs should be directed to the CLA Tech Line at extension x61252 or via email at . When contacting the CLA Tech Team, please include the Cal Poly equipment ID# assigned to the device. The CLA Tech Team will log all requests in a tracking database and, whenever possible, provide assistance over the phone. If the request cannot be handled over the phone, the request will be prioritized and assigned to a CLA Tech.

Emergency Service Requests

Emergency service requests can be made by contacting the CLA Tech Line at extension 61252 and indicating it is an urgent problem requiring immediate attention. Depending upon the actual nature of the emergency, the CLA Tech Team may first try to address the issue over the phone, then schedule an appointment as soon as that same day to diagnose and repair the problem. For more information on possible time frames for high priority requests, see below.

NOTE: Standard and emergency service requests for all CLA faculty and staff workstation machines must be handled by the CLA Tech Team, not individual department techs or University ITS.

Initial Service Request Response Times

While our highest priority is to provide efficient and effective customer service, response times will vary depending on the nature of the problem, the availability of personnel, and other service-related considerations. In general, we strive to observe the following service request response time goals:

High Priority

Service requests to resolve problems involving a single user who is unable to perform productive work (e.g., workstation down, mission critical application failure, virus infection) will be initially diagnosed within an expected response time of 4 hours (50% of the time) and a maximum response time of 8 hours (100% of the time).

Normal Priority

Service requests to resolve problems or provide assistance that are not particularly time sensitive or that pose only a minor inconvenience to the user (e.g., speaker failure) will have an expected response time of 3 days (50% of the time) and a maximum response time of 10 days (100% of the time).

Scheduled Service

Service requests that can be planned and scheduled in advance (e.g., installing new software, upgrading a workstation, providing procurement specifications) will be assigned an agreed-upon service completion date made in consultation with the requestor. Modifications to the service completion date may be initiated by the requestor or the technician, but require both parties to agree upon the revised service completion date.

Service Request Resolution

Requests are considered resolved and are closed after a solution is implemented, or an effective alternative that achieves the desired result is provided. Resolution times will vary, depending on the complexity of the request and/or the number of parties involved in the resolution. Whereas it may not be possible to solve or provide an effective alternative solution to all service requests (e.g., installation of outdated or incompatible software, rescue of permanently damaged files), it remains our goal to be responsive and service-oriented.

Replacement Equipment

If an urgent problem involving a faculty or staff workstation cannot be rectified within 24 hours, a replacement machine will be made available on temporary loan while the defective machine is being repaired. Alternatively, a new or replacement hard drive may be installed in the machine and the drive containing the problem removed for diagnosis.

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