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Machine acting 'slow'

Here are some of the following reasons that your computer is 'Slow':

Large amount of Loose Files on the Desktop

  • Yes there can be too many icons on the desktop. Once this happens the computer will take all move them to documents. If it is a PC it will leave the Recycle Bin on the desktop.
  • Think of it as a literal desk. If before you could start work you had to physically put all of those files on your desk you would be there all morning. If you work out of project folders, than it could be one item for the folder instead of 15-20 files on the desktop.

Desktop clutter

File Path Length - Naming Files

  • File path length can lead to problems such as retracing files and opening files in general.
  • Click here for more information about this. 


Move vs Copy

There are time when you are going to need to move files one place to another. It is important that you know the difference between copying and moving:

  • Moving: File moves from Folder A to Folder B. Now the file only exist in Folder B.
  • Copying: File moves from Folder A to Folder B and also leave a copy in folder A. The file now exist in both Folder A and Folder B. 

When copying as you can see below a Mac will add a number to the end of the file name to keep both copies.

copied files with the same name

Trash and Downloads

Many times there is just far to much data that is saved in Trash and Downloads. Before we transfer data we encourage you to empty both. There can be at times many GB in trash.

So there are two places downloads are stored:

    • One is directly into the downloads folder on your machine. This can be found here:

Where to Find Mac DownloadsWhere to find Downloads on PC

    • The other is in a browser downloads folder in Firefox:

Where to Find Downloads on FireFox


Mac: Managed Software Center

  • From Spotlight you can search for 'Managed Software Center'

Spotlight MSC

  • Then once it is open select the 'Updates' Tab.


  • Here you can update the programs that need it. This might require to restart your computer. We suggest that you put in all updates that are requested.

PC: Software Center

  • From the start menu you can search for 'Software Center'.

Start Menu SC

  • You will see the software that has available updates. You can then select and install the software you would like to update. We suggest that you select all.

PC Software Center

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