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Alyson McLamore
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

College of Liberal Arts

Welcome to my home page!  You can teach old dogs new tricks!

I am a professor in the Music Department, where I teach classes in music history to majors and non-majors on topics ranging from the general history of western music to Broadway shows. (Please use the "Waiting List" button to the left if you want to check the odds of enrolling in a class of mine that is full.) I also occasionally teach music education classes.

A few of my favorite General Education classes to teach are Film Music, Women in Music and the History of Musical Theater.

Office Hours (via Zoom): Tues 11-12; Wed 1:00-3:00; Thurs 12-1 and by appointment—just ask!

Please email me if you need a link to attend a Zoom office hour.



"Under Construction"

bricks added on 12/26/2020

Office: 45-132

Phone: 756-2612

E-mail: amclamor@calpoly.edu


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