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Dark Like Blood

Not Your Own Hero

"If the writer uses his eyes in the real security of his Faith, he will be obliged to use them
honestly and his sense of mystery and his acceptance of it will be increased. To look
at the worst will be for him no more than an act of trust in God" (810).

Flannery O'Connor's "The Church and the Fiction Writer" (1957)

Points of Reflection

The Bible: Matthew 10:16-22

1. Jesus employs figurative language which makes what assumptions about the three different animals he names while describing the future state of his followers?

2. what posture does Jesus encourage persecuted believers to adopt when standing before a hostile court?

3. who will presumably come to the aid of those Christians forced to explain their beliefs and behavior?

4. does Christianity sound like a message of peace in v. 21? How might one reconcile Jesus' words here with the gospel of love he regularly preaches?

5. does Jesus configure salvation as a one-time choice in v.22, or as an ongoing process?

Arithmosophic Cross (1952)
Salvador Dali

Dr. Paul Marchbanks