Grace and the Grotesque

Course Guidelines

Course Guidelines

"People look at the outward appearance,
but the Lord looks at the heart."
(1 Samuel 16:7B, NIV)

the basics
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English 354: Grace and the Grotesque (GE C4)
thematic thread: "Grace and the Grotesque"
class location: sec 01 (12-2 p.m. / TR / ZOOM), sec 02 (2-4 p.m. / TR / ZOOM)
instructor: Dr. Paul Marchbanks
office: 805-756-2159 / building 47 (the "maze"), hallway 35, office A / available hours



MATERIALS (purchase these editions & have physical copies of them in hand during class)

PATH 1: In-Class Discussion and Exams

PATH 2: Outside Research and Writing



A = 94-100

A- = 90-93

A (18-20 on 20-pt scale, 5.4-6.0 on 6-pt scale): creative, topically focused, tightly structured, supported with the most convincing evidence, and virtually error-free

C+ = 77-79

C = 73-76

C- = 70-72

C (14-15.9 on 20-pt scale, 4.2-4.79 on 6-pt scale): a relatively focused essay with clear sense of progression from one idea to the next; argument bolstered by some supporting evidence; distracting number of grammatical errors

B+ = 87-89

= 83-86

B- = 80-82

B (16-17.9 on 20-pt scale, 4.8-5.39 on 6-pt scale): topically focused, tightly structured, supported with solid evidence, and containing just a few stylistic or grammatical bumps

D = 65-69

D (13-13.9 on 20-pt scale, 3.9-4.19 on 6-pt scale): topic clear but ineffectively argued; evidence provided tangentially relates to argument; loose sense of structure; profound difficulties w/ grammar

    F = 0-64

F (0-12.9 on 20-pt scale, 0-3.89 on 6-pt scale): little evidence of effort, or contains plagiarism

Take advantage of my office hours. Go here to find an open slot, then email me to reserve that time for an office visit. The fastest way to contact me if you have a quick question is via email. You can also reach me in my office at 805-756-2159, or in the evening (before 10 p.m.) at 593-0192.

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Plagiarism and the Honor Code
I encourage you to improve your writing with the help of peers, instructors, and myself. Remember, however, that all work you submit must be your own. Any paper containing borrowed but undocumented thoughts or words will receive a failing grade, and I am obligated to report all instances of plagiarism to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Let me know if you have further questions concerning this important issue.

Nuclear Cross
"Pietà" from "The Apocalypse of St. John" (1960)
made using nail gun technique
Salvador Dalí

Dr. Paul Marchbanks