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Grace and the Grotesque
Writing Assignments & Student Groups (Path 2)

Writing Assignments

"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love."
(Galatians 5:6, NIV)


Purpose: to convincingly respond to one of the relevant study questions provided for each story
Audience: readers and viewers familiar with the story in hand (do not provide plot summary)
Writing foci: organization at the paragraph and essay level; convincing reasoning and evidence; appropriate diction

Students will each develop a 600-700 word argument that:

Make sure to employ MLA style; you can refer to this sample paper for guidelines about formatting your first page, though please note that this essay was constructed with different guidelines in mind--you needn't mention Dalí or von Trier. (Your Works Cited page for this assignment should list the Flannery O'Connor story, The Bible, and whatever essay(s) by Flannery O'Connor which you reference. Be sure to use the 8th edition MLA guidelines for a Works Cited page.)

You will find links to the available prompts/questions at the Path 2 Group and Text page. Please insure that each student in your group responds to a different prompt. Also, for this assignment, do not look at or employ secondary sources: rely on your own interpretive skills.

Paste at the head of your essay the prompt to which you are responding, and email the final product as a .doc or .docx document to Dr. Marchbanks by noon on Sat. Oct. 10. Late essays will lose one point per day.

"Philosopher Illuminated by the Light of the Moon and the Setting Sun" (1939)
oil on canvas
Salvador Dalí

Dr. Paul Marchbanks