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James Joyce Group

Prompts: The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916)
pagination from 1968 Viking Critical Library edition
edited by Chester G. Anderson

"[H]e was different from others. He did not want to play. He wanted to meet in the real world
the unsubstantial image which his soul so constantly beheld. He did not know
where to seek it or how: but a premonition which led him on
told him that this image would, without any
overt act of his, encounter him" (65).


Responses to Path 2 prompts should deliver a structured, narrow argument in only 400-500 words, one you publish on Blackboard by 11:59 p.m. on Friday. Arguments should evince creativity and organization, support their claims with detailed evidence ( incl. page citations), and show signs of careful revision. Remember too that whether I happen to agree or not with your thesis matters little, as long as it is sufficiently supported and logically, persuasively rendered.

Some of the strongest essays will incorporate ideas from path 2 essays written by your peers and/or pertinent path 1 discussions and topics, though neither is required.

Week Five: chps 1-2

Week Six: chps 3-4

Week Seven: chp 5

"St. Patrick's Close" (1887)
Walter Osborne

Dr. Paul Marchbanks