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Love That Surpasses Knowledge
Term Paper

"Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue
but with actions and in truth."
(1 John 3:18, NIV)

Purpose: to examine the way Biblical constructions of love have been appropriated by the Arts
Audience: readers and viewers familiar with the works you analyze
Writing foci: organization at the paragraph and essay level; convincing reasoning and evidence; appropriate diction

This assignment requires you to consider the ways in which literature, painting, and film adopt Biblical illustrations of, or prescriptions concerning, love. Does the works you have encountered this quarter promote, interrogate, change, or reject particular Biblical principles concerning love? The specific combination of works you choose to assess is up to you, as long as you incorporate each of the following:

You must find some creative way of weaving these various texts together into a tightly organized argument. Do not deal with each of these works as discrete units; instead, find some idea that integrates them. (You might, for instance, identify a thematic pattern that connects the works, and explain how each work engages this same idea differently.) Though your path 2 text(s) should figure centrally in your argument, you've the freedom to choose the degree to which the other texts (scriptures, painting, film, and any secondary sources) figure into your argument.

Essays should be 5-6 pages in length, and follow MLA guidelines for formatting, in-text citation, and creating appropriate citation entries in a separate Works Cited page. Use a Times New Roman, 12 pt font with double-spaced text, and employ 1" margins top, bottom, right and left (1" is not the default margin in Word, so you'll need to change it.)

A joint, paper conference with others in your small group will precede completion of this paper; go here to find a time that works for your group. The final product should be printed out and brought to class on the last day of the course.

Nuclear Cross
"Two Pieces of Bred Expressing the Sentiment of Love" (1940)
Salvador Dalí

Dr. Paul Marchbanks