The Blake Web

Resources and Links

  1. The Blake Multimedia Project

    A website describing multimedia hypertext editions of Blake's Illuminated Books and their collaborative production during an experimental course at Cal Poly.

  2. Hypertext editions of Blake's Illuminated Books

    These are large files (Hypercard stacks) which can be downloaded only to a Macintosh computer. Click the title and wait. It may take up to an hour for each file to download. Once downloaded, it will unstuff and extract itself, remaining permanently on your computer. When a card stack icon appears on the desktop, the download is complete and you can trash the sea and hqx files that accompany it.

    The stacks will run only with Hypercard or Hypercard Player, a Mac application standard on most machines. Double click the stack icon, and when asked "where is home?" select the appropriate file name--MHH, SIE or JOB. Once the stack is open, if pictures dont appear, allocate more memory to Hypercard by clicking once on the application icon, going File>Get Info> and increasing both top and bottom numbers.

  3. The Blake Archive

    A magnificent library of Blake's illuminated works developed at the University of Virginia which must be seen to be believed.

  4. Youth Against Age

Steven Marx's out-of-print 1984 book on pastoralism, based on Blake's vision of Innocence and Experience.