Henry IV Part I : Scene Summary


Triangulating Shakespeare


I, i: Palace--King, Westmoreland,etc. [grieving]

I, ii: Prince's lodging--Hal, Falstaff, Poins [robbery plot; soliloquy]

I, iii: Windsor, Council Chamber--King, North., Worcester, Hotspur, etc. [confrontation]

II, i: Rochester, Inn Yard--Carrier, Ostler, Gadshill [backdrop]

II, ii: Highway, near Gads Hill--Prince, Poins, Falstaff, etc. [robbery]

II, iii: Northumberland--Hotspur, Lady Percy [departure]

II, iv: Eastcheap, tavern--Prince, Poins, Falstaff, Bardolph, Hostess, Sheriff [plot revealed; play in play, summons]

III, i: Wales--Hotspur, Worcester, Glendower, Mortimer, Lady Percy, Lady Mortimer [division of kingdom]

III, ii: Palace--King, Hal [reprimand and apology]

III, iii: Eastcheap--Falstaff, Bardolph, Hostess, Prince [boredom; mustering]

IV, i: Rebel camp, Shrewsbury--Hotspur, Worcester, Douglas--[bad news]

IV, ii: Road near Coventry--Falstaff, Hal, etc. [moblization]

IV, iii: Rebel camp--[Blunt's peace offer]

IV, iv: York, Archbishop's palace--York, etc. [rebel fears]

V, i: King's camp, Shrewsbury--King, Hal, Falstaff, etc. [rebel reply to king's offer; Hal's challenge; Falstaff's fear

V, ii: Rebel camp--Worcester, Vernon, Douglas, Hotspur [rebel's internal treachery; battle boasts

V, iii: Shrewsbury battlefield--King, etc. [fighting, disguises, Blunt dead, Falstaff's bottle

V, iv: ditto--Douglas finds King, saved by Hal who kills Hotspur; Falstaff plays possum; rises and carries off Hotspur and claims reward from Hal

V,v: ditto--finale

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