1. MM Reading Notes 96
    1. Biblical language of Duke's departure
    2. the proclamation condemns everyone
      1. 1.2--the gents for their pleasure
      2. the bawds and whores for livelihood
      3. Claudio unfairly
    3. Vice and the professions--hardened to sin, like Barnardine; no sensitivity or guilt at all; no conscience about it
      1. soldiers and pirates
      2. whores and bawds
      3. hangmen and police
      4. judges
    4. Authority and merciless heaven--sense of guilt and sin plaguing those Jesus comes to save. Claudio both accepting and questioning authority of law and its enforcer
      1. Claudio: thus can the demi-god authority/Make us pay down for our offence by weight/The words of heaven: on whom it will, it will/On whom it will not, so; yet still tis just
        1. cf. Romans 9:15
        2. Heaven and authority are identical
        3. He acquiesces like Job--accepting injustice as just
      2. Our natures do pursue/like rats that raven down their proper bane/A thirsty evil, and when we drink, we die.
        1. Wise speech, mocked by Lucio
        2. Sense of burden of sin and of psychological guilt
      3. Whether tyranny be in his place...this new overnor/Awakes me all the enrolled penalties...tis surely for a name
      4. Duke's plan
        1. denies being subject to love, though he's got the reputation
        2. motives explained for supposed trip