A Map of Illyria

(The plot of Twelfth Night)

Triangulating Shakespeare

group I.i I.ii I.iii I.iv I.v (a) I.v (b) II.i II.ii II.iii II.iv II.v III.i III.ii III.iii III.iv IV.i IV.ii IV.iii V.i.a b c d e f g h i j k l m
Orsino Ors. pursues     Ors. sends C. to Ol. and falls for him/her   Cesario courts for Orsino       music; Orsino attracted to Cesario                   Ors.,Ces.,   Oliv. enters ignores Orsino     m       Viola and Orsino    
Viola   Viola arrives;loss of brother;dons disguise as Cesario   C. loves Ors.   C. teases Olivia  
Ces. gets ring and point
  Ces. half-confesses love to Orsino   Ces. returns for Ors.     Mal. cross-gartered         etc. grand   Ors. roars;Viola ignores Oliv.     o   Viola and Sebastian recognize one another   recognize one another    
Olivia Olivia resistant         Olivia falls for Cesario           Oliv. pursues him     pursues confused Olivia Seb. (mistaken for Cesario)   Oliv.   entrance at Olivia's house   half exit. Oliv. calls "husband"     s    
Sebastian and Olivia recognize one another
Orsino and Olivia are reconciled Letter:  
                              Toby, etc. watch     mar       Ces., Ors. confused but Priest confirms.     t         Olivia recognizes Malvolio  
                                    ries       Orsino and Olivia reprimand Ces. as Seb.                  
                              Ces. forced   Malvolio Seb.             w         Toby and Maria are paired  
Toby-Andrew     Toby goads Andrew to pursue Olivia           Mal. breaks up       Toby tricks Andrew to challenge Cesario   into duel hit by Andrew then fights Toby arrested + as Feste       Andrew and Toby enter wounded,   o         Andrew and Malvolio are purged Feste
Feste-Maria                 party; plot hatched           with Andrew   tormented Ces Fabian       reprimand. Ces. as Seb.   n           song
Mal. puts down Feste and Cesario
      against him   Mal. confesses love for Oliv. and takes bait       by Toby etc . Olivia intervenes in prison ar         exit cursing   d           finale
                  music                 io-             e            
                              Antonio breaks grabs Sebastian   Vio             r            
                              it up; confuses     la             f            
                              Viola as Ces.                   u            
Sebastian             Sebastian (Viola's twin) teases Antonio               for Sebastian and as Cesario         Antonio and officers     Seb. enters l Sebastian and Antonio recognize one another Viola and Sebastian recognize one another Sebastian and Olivia recognize one another      
Antonio             Antonio rescues and pursues Sebastian             Ant. leaves purse with Sebastian is arrested           enter, reprimands     apologizing !            
                                          Viola as Ces. thinking he's Sebastian                    

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