King Lear

Act 4, Scene 6


Gloucester: Stacey Pudas
Edgar: Brandon Beach
King Lear: Josef Davidman
Camera: Jason Hodgson
Directing: Michelle Berchthold
Editing: Everyone
Videostreaming Gary DeMichelle






After being cruelly blinded, the Earl of Gloucester heads toward the cliffs of Dover intending to kill himself by jumping off.

He is guided by Edgar, the son he has mistakenly accused of plotting his murder, who is disguised as a peasant. In order to purge the old man's despair, Edgar tricks his father into thinking that he has fallen hundreds of feet to the beach below and that he has been miraculously saved .

After he agrees to "bear free and patient thoughts," Gloucester hears King Lear approach, ranting and raving. The king has gone mad after being turned out into a storm by his ungrateful daughters.

Now the king utters "matter and impertinency mixed, reason in madness," preaching like a prophet about social injustice and humanity's tragic destiny. As Edgar listens, the king swings wildly between mocking and commiserating with his old friend, the Earl.


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