A Midsummer Night's Dream

Act 3, Scene 2


Helena: Giselle Gaines
Lysander: Matt Dorville
Demetrius: Patricia Hanover
Hermia: Heather McIntosh
Oberon: Kelly Underwood
Puck: Sue George
Camera: Jason Hodgson
Editing: Dru Zachmeyer
Videostreaming Gary DeMichelle
Directing: Steven Marx



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Four young lovers have lost their way in the woods.

Lysander and Hermia (both short) have fled the city of Athens together to evade her father's command that she marry Demetrius. Exhausted, they fall asleep.

Demetrius (tall) has rejected his former love Helena (also tall), to follow Hermia. Helena pursues Demetrius because she loves him still.

Oberon, King of the Fairies, instructs his assistant, Puck, to drug Demetrius with a love potion that will make him fall back in love with Helena.

By mistake, Puck first drugs Lysander, who abandons Hermia. Puck finds Demetrius sleeping and also drugs him, so both men now love Helena.

Our film opens with Lysander chasing Helena. Rejecting him, she awakens Demetrius, who also sues for her love. Helena assumes that both men are mocking her.

Hermia enters and runs to Lysander who rejects her and battles with Demetrius over Helena. Hermia attacks her old friend Helena for stealing her beloved.

Oberon tells Puck to lead the four lovers on a wild goose chase until they all fall asleep. Puck drugs Lysander with an antidote so that his affections can return to Hermia. When they awaken, "all shall be well."



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