Assignments in Advanced Shakespeare


Triangulating Shakespeare

English 431--Shakespeare--Steven Marx

Assignment for Paper #1

[due Friday January 18]

Write an essay of three pages (no less than 750 words) about one scene or subscene of one production of Henry V. Devote as much attention to vivid, graceful description as to perceptive analysis. Describe some features of a scene that you really enjoy--for example, movement, expression, gesture, voice, rhythm, costume, set, lighting, music, camera work, editing--and explain how the filmmakers' choices embody an interpretation of the printed text. This explanation may involve a discussion of structure, characterization, motivation, theme, rhetorical purpose, aesthetic design, historical representation, among other topics. You may wish to refer to alternative productions for clarification, but focus primarily on one scene. Avoid plot summary.

Assignment for Report #1

[Monday January 14, 1991]

With a partner, present a descriptive analysis of one of the scenes listed below, following the guidelines for Paper #1. Show relevant segments of the videos to the class, taking no more than 10 minutes of playing time and about 20 minutes for presentation and discussion. You may show either segments of the original videos in class, or better yet, a copy of excerpts you've produced with the editing facilities in the A/V department located in the basement of the business building. In any case try to master the technical difficulties in advance.

1. Act III, prologue, scene i and scene ii up to line 55 (the end of the boy's speech)--the attack on Harfleur

attack on Harfleur

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2. Act IV, scene i, lines 85-315 (Henry's night vigil)

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3. Act V, scene ii, lines 1-380 (the courtship of Katharine)

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