Triangulating Shakespeare
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The Taming of the Shrew

lecture notes

reading notes

Lynda Boose on Shrew

other Shrew criticism

Zeffirelli vs. BBC

Zeffirelli Shrew

Cal Shakespeare festival performance

A Midsummer Night's Dream

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339 Players:Act 5 Scene 1

431 Players: Act 3 Scene 2

The Merchant of Venice

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Chapter 5 in Shakespeare and the Bible

Artemis performance
Much Ado About Nothing

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notes on critics

Notes on Branagh's Much Ado
As You Like It

lecture notes 1988

lecture notes 1994

Outline of Montrose, "The Place of a Brother"

Outline of Orgel, "Impersonations"

Notes on Olivier production 339 Players: Act 3 Scene 2
Twelfth Night

Scene summary

A Map of Illyria--plot diagram

C.L. Barber essay notes

Stephen Greenblatt essay notes

510 Players:complete

339 Players 1.5

Section 1 video

Section 2 video

Troilus and Crressida Instructor Essay on "Shakespeare's Pacifism"
Measure for Measure

Scene summary

Reading notes

Critical essays

Shakespeare and the Bible, chapter 4

510 players:complete
The Winter's Tale

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Stephen Orgel essay notes

Charles Frey essay notes

Carol Neely essay notes

510 Players:compete

431 Players: selected scenes

The Tempest

Lecture notes

Shakespeare and the Bible chapters 1 and 6

Instructor essay on Greenaway's "Prospero's Books" 339 Players: Act 3 Scene 2
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