Triangulating Shakespeare
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Romeo and Juliet

lecture notes

reading notes

Michael Goldman notes

On Zeffirelli film

Romeo and Juliet 3.2 (339 Players Realplayer video)

section 1 and section 2

Act 2.Scene 2 (431 players)

Julius Caesar

lecture notes

analyzing rhetoric exercise

Aquila production 1997  

new lecture notes

lecture, criticism and summary


lecture notes

Greenblatt notes

Othello 3.3 study questions

  blocking script for 4.1.171-263
King Lear

lecture notes

Greenblatt notes

Harold Bloom notes

On several Lear films

431 Players: Act 4, Scene 6

339 Players: Act 3 Scene.7

section 1 video and photos

section 2 video and photos



scene summary and critic notes

on Macbeth 3.4

  510 Players: complete
Antony and Cleopatra

lecture notes

notes on critics

student discussion of production (1) [movie]

student discussion of production (2) [movie]

Titus Andronicus notes on critics and lecture notes   431 Players: Act 1 Scene 3
Coriolanus lecture notes    
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