English 339--Introduction to Shakespeare

Film clips and pictures of in-class scenes

Triangulating Shakespeare

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The Tempest 2.2
Caliban, Trinculo and Stefano
[2001]204 Players
[2001]331 Players
[1989]339 players

2001 pictures: 204 Players, 331 Players

Othello 4.1
2001--204 Players


Romeo and Juliet 3.2
section 1 and section 2


Twelfth Night 1. 5
Section 1video
Section 2 video

section 1 pictures

King Lear 3.7
section 1 video
section 2 video

section 1 photos
section 2 photos

A Midsummer Night's Dream 5.1.

The comical tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe

IHenry IV 3.2.

Play-acting by Hal and Falstaff

As You Like It 3.2

"Ganymede" and Orlando

Julius Caesar 3.1

Classroom audience plays the crowd

The murder

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