English 431, Advanced Shakespeare, videotapes

The Winter's Tale Act 3, Scene 3

at Swanton Ranch

Triangulating Shakespeare


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King Leontes of Sicilia has falsely accused his wife Hermione of bearing an illegitimate child fathered by his friend Polixenes. He has ordered his courtier, Antigonus, to abandon the infant on a foreign shore.

Antigonus reluctantly complies in order to save the baby, named Perdita, from being murdered by its jealous father. A storm brews as Antigonus bids farewell to the child, and he exits "pursued by a bear."

An old peasant enters in search of sheep lost by his adolescent son. He discovers the baby and decides to rescue it. The son arrives after having seen Antigonus devoured by the bear and his ship sunk in the storm. The two discover that a cache of gold has been left with the baby for them.



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Mariner: Frank Bucquoy
Antigonus: Bridget Schoenborn
Old Shepherd: Joel Short
Young Shepherd (Clown): Abbey Rebuschatis
Camera and editing: Jennifer Gore
Directing and editing: Elizabeth Warner
Videostreaming Gary DeMichelle
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