Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

presented by

the English 510 Players

at the Madonna Inn , San Luis Obispo CA March 14-16 1990

*October 2009--please see this note

Triangulating Shakespeare

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1.4.1 If the Duke continue these favors toward you, Cesario... 2-8
1.5.164 Give me my veil; com, throw it o'er my face.
2.3.54 A mellifluous voice, as I am true knight.
2.4.15 Come hither boy. 1-1
3.4.66 O ho, do you come near me now?
3.4.245 Souls and bodies hath he divorced three 2-10
4.1.50 Be not offended, dear Cesario. Rudesby begone! 1-5
5.1.207 Get him to bed, and let his hurt be looked to. 2-11





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