The Triumph of Time

Scenes from Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale

The English 431 Players--Advanced Shakespeare

March 1991

Triangulating Shakespeare

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2.3.1 Nor night nor day no rest. 2b
3.2.81 You had a bastard by Polixenes. 4-1
3.3.1 ...Our ship hath touched upon the deserts of Bohemia  
3.3.58 I would there were no age between ten and three and twenty...  
4.1.1 I that please some, try all... 3-2
5.3.99 'Tis time, descend, be stone no more. 8




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Markus Luck

John Carlisle

Ailene Kearney

Karen Coley

Ben Gardella

Kris Rankin


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