The Winters Tale by William Shakespeare

presented by

The English 510 Players

at the Old Mission in San Luis Obispo California

December 13-15 1994

*October 2009--please see this note

Triangulating Shakespeare
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1.2.108 ...too hot, too hot
2.1.45 ...I have drunk and seen the spider  
2.3.35 Such as you are the cause of his wakings...


My second joy and first fruits of my body...


3.3.53 I have never seen the heavens so dim by day...  
4.1.1 I that please some, try all
4.3.53 Ohh, help me, help me...
4.4.131 No not like a corpse
4.4.380 I give my daughter to him...
4.4.681 [improvised]Son, son, where's my son  
5.3.95 Now all stand still...  




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