Antony and Cleopatra viewing exercise

Triangulating Shakespeare
For our study of Antony and Cleopatra, we’ll pass the role of teacher around to everyone in the class. Each person will be responsible for presenting a short report and conducting some discussion on one or more scenes from this sprawling play.

Plan on taking up about 10 minutes. Your report should begin with a brief discussion of what happens in the scene; don’t get lost in detail, mention only the points that move the main plots forward and try to give a sense of the scene’s central moment of climax or emphasis. If relevant, discuss transition from and to surrounding scenes. Say something about what is revealed about character in the scene, and if relevant, about one of the plays themes. If there is one or more example of dense, rich or poetically evocative language in the scene, mention that too.

This report can be the basis of your paper on Antony and Cleopatra

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