Aquila Production of Julius Caesar

Triangulating Shakespeare

Cuesta Auditorium. November 8, 1997

WWII/19th c. setting: Mussolini, civil war uniforms; red white and black; fascism

"I'll hear a play."

Voices and recitation; economy of movement

Power of voice

addressing audience as the crowd

feeling the vibration of sound

Caesar's high piercing voice,

Brutus' throaty voice,

Antony's commanding voice,

Cassius' hysterical voice

Actors playing instruments; music--power of sound

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

Acting company; doubling of roles; working like team

Dance movement; distance between characters

stylized murder and battle; slow motion

ghost in tent--shadows; the fire in script

Use of space

Crazy soothsayer; leave out opening scene

umbrella and bust of pompey

Octavius' throne

Special effects--fog and flashlights; the storm

Flags and banners and central bench

Theme of death as sacrifice

Thuderstorm; time out of joint; cosmic tragedy; umbrellas

Portia's self wound

Brutus trying to smile


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