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Triangulating Shakespeare

October 31 2009

Many of the digitized video clips created for this website in 2000 and placed on the server have been subject to "bit rot" or digital decay. Most of the original VHS video tapes from which the clips were converted no longer exist. However tapes of full length performances by the English 510 Players were kept, and new full-size digital versions were recently created in iMovie. Compressed Quicktime renderings of these digital files can be accessed here:

These movies can be viewed immediately in streaming format through the browser at small size. They are viewed optimally at double size in Quicktime or another movie player after downloading, which takes about 5 minutes. Higher resolution versions are available on CD by request from smarx@calpoly.edu

Movies made by English 431 Players during Winter Quarter 2002:

Chronicle of Higher Education article about this website [January 2002]


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