From: Steven Marx <>
Date: October 1, 2004 12:02:00 PM PDT
To: Robert Kitamura <>
Subject: Stadium DEIR

Hello Bob

I'm writing to comment on the Draft EIR for the Stadium remodel and additional parking structure.
Building a large structure on the corner of California blvd. is a bad idea and one that violates the principles of the Master Plan, which stipulate that alternate means of transportation are the best alternative for dealing with parking and that changing the culture to encourage alternate transportation rather than creating incentives for people to bring vehicles on campus is the best means of achieving that.
As indicated in the article that appeared in The Tribune during the first week of classes, despite the reduction of parking spaces this quarter, there has not been a serious problem. People do adapt if they are encouraged to and if they are discouraged from expecting parking convenience.
Parking demand could be greatly reduced by making parking permits for people who live within one mile of campus prohibitively expensive, except for proven hardship cases. It can also be reduced by not making parking permits available to first year students, as is done at many university campuses.
The cost of a new structure, both in terms of building and maintenance expense, and even more in terms of destroying historic buildings, the California Street profile, and the momentum of parking demand reduction is not warranted.

Steven Marx
English Dept.