Our Own Online Rhetoric and Style Manual (OOO)

Descriptive Writing

Methods (Infowrite)

Methods (OWL)

Examples of narrative descriptions about place

Doris Haddock, from Granny D
John Muir, from The Mountains of California
Henry David Thoreau, from "Walking"
Katharine Peterson, Losing the Trail
Gabe Felipe, The Excursion

The Paragraph

The nature of the paragraph(Strunk)

Paragraph structure (OWL)

Editing and Revising

Be Clear

Avoid wordiness, vagueness, indirection (Strunk)

Be concise(OWL)

Grammar and Punctuation reference (OWL)


A huge list of errors and corrections

Another such

Expository Modes

Definition (Infowrite)

Comparison and Contrast (Infowrite)

Process Analysis (Infowrite)

Division and Classification (Infowrite)

Cause and Effect (Infowrite)

Writing persuasive arguments (InfoWrite)

Critical Reading (InfoWrite)

Analyzing Arguments

The Toulmin Method (Colorado State)