Some possible topics for Paper #3


  1. Any of the parallels between Shakespeare in Love and another work you come up with or that were discussed in class.


  1. Military courage in 12th night and Henry V.


  1. The Fool’s anti-clericalism in Twelfth Night


  1. Malvolio, Viola, Olivia: Anagrams in Twelfth Night


  1. Wessex (Shakespeare in Love) and Ralegh (Guiana)


  1. “The Truth of Love” in Shakespeare in Love and Twelfth Night


  1. One element of  interpretation in Trevor Nunn’s film of Twelfth Night—see


  1. An analysis of Olivia’s persuasive strategy in Act 3 scene 1 beginning:

“Give me leave, beseech you I did send…


  1. The theme of Youth or of Festivity in Twelfth Night
  2.  Why does Viola love Orsino?