English 253--Great Books 3

"Songs of Innocence

and of Experience"

Section 07/08

TR 12:10-1:30 in 10-220


James Cushing


Steven Marx

756 0117
756 2411
MWF 12:10-1:00 and R 2:10-3:00

TR: 10:10-11:00 and 3:10-4:00


Spring 1999 Schedule

[updated 3/25/99]

Week Date Class or performance Due Links
I 3/30

This course (Cushing and Marx)


Blake's life and times

  The Blake Web

Contrary States of the Human Soul (Cushing)

focus on plates 19 and 33, 13 and 14, 34-36, 50 and 51, 11 and 39

read: Blake, pp. 7-15, plates 1-27 and commentaries pp. 131-141




II 4/6

Youth Against Age (Marx)

focus on plates 25, 16-17, 24, 6-7, 27, 32, 48, 38, 44, 46, 47

read: plates 28-54 and corresponding commentaries


Songs of Innocence and Experience (Marx and Cushing)

focus on plates 8 and 42, plate 54

III 4/13 Student projects I  

Student Responses to presentations

  4/15 Frankenstein (Cushing)

read: Frankenstein

written response to projects*

Mary Shelley Frankenstein Website
IV 4/20

Frankenstein (Marx)


project essays** Hideous Progeny: English 253's Frankenstein Page

The Sorrows of Young Werther (Marx)


read: The Sorrows of Young Werther  
V 4/27

Romantic Art Songs



Listen to Die Schoene Muellerin


Poems by William Wordsworth:

Tintern Abbey (Marx)

Immortality Ode (Cushing)


Splendor in the Grass

(Poems and Pictures)

VI 5/4 Poems by John Keats (Cushing and Marx)  

The Urn and the Nightingale

  5/6 Poems by Arthur Rimbaud (Cushing)  

"The Drunken Boat": Rimbaud Home Page

VII 5/11 Student projects II   Student Responses to presentations
  5/13 This Side of Paradise (Cushing)  

F. Scott Fitzgerald Home Page

Slickers and Flappers: Original Cover Art for novel

VIII 5/18 This Side of Paradise    
  5/20 James Baldwin, "Sonny's Blues" (Cushing)    
IX 5/25

The Blues--Billie Holiday (Marx)

Billie's Blues

Dont Explain

God Bless the Child

Strange Fruit

Lecture Notes

253's Billie Holiday Page

  5/27 Poems by Elizabeth Bishop's (Cushing)    
X 6/1 Bob Dylan, "Bringing it All Back Home" (Marx and Cushing)

Lecture Notes

Bob Dylan Site

[with all lyrics and realaudio excerpts from hundreds of songs]
  6/3 Student projects III  

Student Responses to Presentations


Workload and Grading