1. 330 class April 22, 2002
    1. mac and pc going–or flipping back and forth
    2. sitting together as groups
    3. conference reports
    4. course outline updates
    5. all chapters of book available as rough draft pdf files
      1. recreation
      2. stewardship
      3. vegetation
    6. journal grades and checks–show dates and descriptions
    7. fill journal by end of quarter–half full by first submission
    8. reread guidelines; exchange with other people in your group; look at Ecolit journal link
    9. putting in stuff
      1. downloading pictures from websites
        1. save picture where you need it
          1. hold down mouse or right click and save as jpg in appropriate folder
        2. screen shot–for pictures in pdf files [book chapters or zoomify]
          1. Mac: apple+shift+3 for full screen or apple +shift+4 for selection
      2. Bookmarks [mac] or Favorites [pc]. This will only work on your own computer
        1. Adding bookmark or favorite
        2. Editing bookmark or favorite
      3. Dried flowers and plants; pieces of rock; feathers; souvenirs
      4. Take digital photos and include
    10. Website work
      1. Making a photoshop web gallery
        1. Get a folder full of photos–e.g. 330 April 17
        2. Open Photoshop
          1. File>automate>web gallery
          2. Styles–forget about
          3. Options>Banner>Give your gallery a title; date and photographer are optional; select a font size, say 5 for the size of title
          4. Back to Options>Gallery images>select a size for the images in your gallery and a quality–bigger will load slower in both
          5. Back toOptions>thumbnails–leave alone
          6. Go below Options to Files> go to Source, click and find the folder with your original images
          7. Back to Files>select your destination
            1. If you want to just save your gallery to your harddrive, pick where you want it to go
            2. If you want to include your gallery on your webpage, make your destination somewhere in your "330 folder"
        3. What’s inside the gallery folder
          1. Index page
          2. Thumbnails folder
          3. Images folder
          4. Html pages
      2. Working in Dreamweaver with templates and links
        1. Linking the photo gallery to the website
    11. Wed class: meeting at the Trestle; carpooling