Website Evaluation

      1. Each of the four elements below is worth 1/4 of the grade for this project which counts for 40% of the class grade.
      2. Scores can be improved by additional work on the sites between submission date--June1--and the final presentation at the end of the quarter, now scheduled for the final exam time 4:10-6:00 p.m. Wednesday June 8
      3. 90-99=excellent; 80-89=good; 70-79=adequate; 60-69=inadequate 50-59=absent


Score I. ____

    1. Thesis or purpose of your site– What do want your audience to learn?
      1. Statement of purpose, either explicit on the top page, or implicit but easy for user to determine
        1. e.g.
      2. Value and validity of this purpose
      3. Everything on the site supports this purpose

Score II. ____

    1. Integration with Cal Poly Land project
      1. Consistency with Cal Poly Land’s purposes
      2. Consistency with or justifiable departure from Cal Poly Land website’s design

Score III. ____

    1. Extent and Navigation properties
      1. Is there enough material to require 5 to 8 minutes for the user to navigate through the site and absorb what it has to offer
      2. Are there clear, consistent , logical and interesting ways to navigate through the site?
        1. For example, "Explore Cal Poly Land by place or theme or collection using the navigation bar at the left of every page. Each of the links there leads to further subdivisions."

Score IV. ____

    1. Quality of material presented
      1. Text–clarity,sufficiency, conciseness, elegance, accuracy, including documentation
      2. Images or multimedia elements
      3. Integration of text and images–their relevance and mutual illumination