Making Placemarks and Tours on Google Earth

Make a Placemark

  1. Locate the place you want to mark using the navigation panel at the bottom of the page, selecting zoom level, directional tilt and directional orientation.  The placemark will record all of these choices.

  2. Go to top Menu>Add>Placemark  and when the pin appears drag it to your location.

  3. In the New Placemark window which appears, rename the place and if you want it, add descriptive text.

  4. Go to File>Save As and save this mark as .kmz file anywhere you want to  store it—in UNIV 330, this will be in your Hum330 folder.

  5. Through Dreamweaver Properties Inspector, you can link to this file as to any other file.

Make a tour

  1. As with making a Placemark, locate the starting point of your tour.

  2. Make a placemark as indicated above, but at the bottom of the New Placemark window, click New Folder and name it for your tour and save the mark inside it.

  3. Go to the next placemark on your tour and repeat the preceding procedure. If you change the zoom level, tilt and orientation of this location, those changes will be  recorded and the tour will take the viewer through the changes

  4. Make as many marks as you want to complete the tour.  You can add new marks at any time and in the “Places” Panel to the left of the screen, you can change their order by dragging and dropping them.

  5. Save the folder wherever you want as a .kmz file. Type F10 or double click the tour icon to start viewing the tour.