Substitute Activity for those not attending the Swanton Ranch Field Trip

Take one of the hikes listed on pp. 222 to 239 in Cal Poly Land: A Field Guide. If you're so inclined explore a different route.

Bring a camera--either your own or one you borrow from Media Distribution Service in Building 10 or Building 2.

Download, scan or photocopy a map of the area you hike and on it indicate the line of your travel and about ten places you stop.

At each place take a picture of something in the surroundings: a geological formation, a plant community, a plant, wildlife, domestic animals, an archaeological or historical site, or part of the built environment. If you prefer, create a drawing instead of taking a photograph. Write a paragraph or two about each picture. Make your entries descriptive, informative and reflective. Include information from your own experience and prior knowledge, lectures in class, the Field Guide and the Cal Poly Land Website.

Include this assignment in your Journal.