Some Possible topics for websites--Humanities 330

      1. Cal Poly Organic Farm
      2. Poly weather
      3. Insect ecology
      4. Seasonal wetlands
      5. Bedrock mortars
      6. Native American methods of resource management and extraction used on Cal Poly Land
      7. A photographic and documentary history of the Cheda Ranch
      8. Brizzolara creek restoration project, including information on other creek restoration projects, e.g. Strawberry Creek at UC Berkeley
      9. Rare and endangered plant species on Cal Poly Land
      10. The artificial wetland at Cerro Vista Apartments
      11. The water purification plant at Stenner Creek--Cal Poly and City of San Luis Obispo partnership
      12. Storm water and sanitary sewer systems at Cal Poly
      13. Range watering infrastructure using gravity fee and natural springs
      14. Spring quarter night sky configurations
      15. Lighting uses and light pollution at from Cal Poly Land
      16. The history of Swanton Ranch
      17. The Stenner Trestle
      18. Seasonal change from April to June in one or more selected sites
      19. Serpentine
      20. The quarry–dump in Poly canyon
      21. Drumm reservoir and the Irrigation Training Research Center
      22. Fish migration in Brizzolara and Stenner Creek
      23. Design Village in Poly Canyon
      24. The Chumash Challenge
      25. Genetically Engineered Crop Experiments on Cal Poly Land
      26. Escuela Ranch programs
      27. Paired Watershed Studies--San Luis and Chorro Creek
      28. Ethnobotany of Cal Poly vegetation
      29. The Abbatoir--Cal Poly Slaughterhouse
      30. Grass-fed beef project at Swanton Ranch
      31. Holistic Management at the Sheep Unit
      32. Hydrology of Cal Poly Land
      33. Composting operations at Cal Poly
      34. Cal Poly Land Butterflies
      35. The alternate lawn and turf experiment at Leaning Pine Arboretum
      36. The Swine Unit
      37. Old stone walls and corrals on Cal Poly Land
      38. Sunsets
      39. An architectural and and aesthetic study of the structures at the Architectural Area
      40. Sustainable and unsustainable design features of Poly Canyon village--the new residential development
      41. Mariposa Lillies on Cal Poly Land