1. Back to Flo

    1. The argument—85-7; the irresolution; the atmosphere

    2. Billie Holiday, "Don’t Explain"—play song and look at lyrics

    3. Baldwin and sexuality as salvation and trap—his own and others

  2. Gabriel

    1. His guilt 95-7—inner struggle with sex; homecoming from prostitute—story of his conversion and salvation—turning point—do people have them? Do they become perfect?—stable?—are they unreal? Desire as sin?

    2. His proposal to Deborah—better to marry than burn—113; Elisha speaking in tongues—rebirth; labor—Book of Acts chapter 2

      1. Pentecostal; ecstatic celebration; the Spirit

    3. He’s good, but neither sex nor fertility is provided

    4. Esther’s alternative 125-6; another fall

    5. Encounter with Royal 141-3—the lynching; Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit"

    6. Back to Elisha in tongues and the growth of evil 149

  3. Elizabeth

    1. She’s orphaned and John’s an unwanted child—she chooses Richard over God: 157

    2. Richard’s death and her guilt and fear of God 174

    3. Meeting Gabriel; he will be her strength and salvation—she will provide him with children who will redeem him and the curse on his past

    4. Reminds her of John’s birth; of the unwanted child; ironic and bitter; John’s painful birth—babies crying 188-9--—Billie Holiday's "God bless the child"

IV. What’s meaning of John’s birth; what does he carry from the heritage of these three people?