1. The seventh day--slow awakening--story of events happening
    1. General introduction
    2. Specific awakening--darkness of sin
    3. What's in his mind--childishness of birthday and mother--Roy=King; Gabriel=messenger of God
    4. John=visionary and also the baptiser and announcer of Jesus, who dies a sacrificial death=cleaner upper of Grime
    5. Odyssey through the city--the tempotations of the mountain and the library and the movie--feelings of sin
    6. The family scene at home: violence and displacement and scapegoating--more dirt
    7. Going to church--Elisha--associated with radical salvation and with joy and love vs. hateful piety and sanctimoniousness
  2. Florence forced to pray and doesnt know how--does she succeed?
    1. Issue of the success of prayer--what about Neils prayer in St. Patricks
    2. Her state of sin--disease; seeking for healing 67
    3. Two parts--relationship with mother and brother
      1. Night of the raid
      2. Walking out the door
      3. Jealousy of Gabriel
      4. Threat of rape
      5. Hatred of men
      6. Her abandonment of mother and brother
    4. Relationship with Frank--like with Gabriel
      1. Loved to see him bow 83
      2. He tries to please her 84
      3. Repudiates her own blackness--whitening creams
      4. His lines: where you expect us to live...
      5. Their arguemtn and fight and then lovemaking that's tormented and driven
      6. The letter she carries
      7. Redemption or "no change" as she says 49--you cant change nothing
  3. Transition to Roots section
    1. On narrative style: transition to section 2--different consciousness in the same place--"modernist--Joyce, Woolf, Faulkner--movement through time--past and present and future.
    2. The individual connected to the world--biblical references, stories, names, genealogies, retellings and midrashes--Revelation as retelling earlier stories as pure dream or vision--visual symbols
    3. Has a lot to do with enthnicity--and religion; religion tied in with ethnicity
    4. Connections of the self with its own genetic destiny--but also its variation, its striving to differentiate and individuate and realize freedom--the tighter and closer, the stronger the rebellion in some ways
    5. Idea of roots--search for one's origins--a tree, a forest