Some possible assignments on The Woman Warrior

1. Go to an Asian grocery--there's one on Marsh and Monterey--or restaurant, to learn more about food and presents and clothing and sounds and stories and pictures of the kind that are described the book. If you find them in, the owners of the Ah Louis store on Palm and Chorro are wonderful informants.

2. Watch the film "Eat Drink Man Woman" or "The Joy Luck Club" and link incidents and characters to the book.

3. Get a collection of Chinese art in the library and find some landscape paintings or warrior paintings or sculptures and relate to stories in the book.

4. Do your own talk-story version of true tales and folk talkes of your immigrant or non-immigrant family members.

5. Write about some experience of culture shock or difficulty with understanding language or being captive in an alien culture.

6. The theme of sanity and madness in The Woman Warrior

7. Compare, contrast and analyze incidents of persecution.

8. The theme of freaks and misfits

9. Maxine Hong Kingston as outlaw knot maker.

10. The relation of the five chapters--overall pattern, transitions between them, circular vs. linear structure--"roundness."

11. Watch the rest of the Bill Moyers interview with Kingston in the LRC and discuss the relationship among the speaker in that tape, the author of The Woman Warrior and the Maxine of the book itself--speech pattern, shyness and expression, attitudes toward father and mother, politics

12. Exorcism, conversion and psychotherapy.

Biblical stories of evil spirits and Brave Orchid's.

Maxine's hauntings

John Grimes' healing process "On the Threshing Floor" and Brave Orchid's and Maxine's

13. Avenging woman figures in Kingston and Cisneros

14. Mediating between two cultures or languages

15. Expression and silence--in school, at home, in public--shyness and brashness

16. The anatomy of hatred--Marx for Grossbart, John for Gabriel, Clemencia for Megan, Maxine for the silent girl

17. Recurrent images in The Woman Warrior, e.g. The silent girl, the sitting ghost-monster, the brave warrior, the crazy woman

18. Art Conquers all--the endings of Woman Hollering Creek and The Woman Warrior