1. Eli The Fanatic
    1. year is 1948
    2. -impasse and encounter--at the Mansion 249-253
      1. sagging mansion
      2. yellow light--modern community--Woodenton
      3. Leo welcomes, Eli jumps back
      4. three hour commute
      5. everything empty
      6. sounds of children; lighting a candle
      7. grimy sheet vs. lawyer’s letter
      8. place is dim
      9. speaking for the Jews
      10. the law is the law--vs. when is the law not the law 251
        1. the laws protect us
        2. zoning: a residence (home) cant be a school
        3. he has 18 children; teaching the Talmud--interpretations of the law
      11. impasse
      12. children’s game; tribal dance
      13. figure emerges from blackness--the one with the hat that community is outraged by
      14. asleep; sidelocks; no older than Eli
    3. -in the kitchen 253-259
      1. relationship with Miriam
        1. ok in the normal only
        2. she’s weakly analytical--doesnt explain
        3. the law also doesnt explain--he’s unhappy as lawyer
        4. his vulnerabilities--escape into breakdown
      2. flashback: the notes--communication by intermediary
        1. shoe order
        2. grocer order
        3. voices of assimilated jews--vs. uninhibited voice of Tsuref
        4. pressure on Eli--caught in between--like Nathan Marx
      3. Miriam’s voice blends in with his friends (256)
        1. prominence of her pregnancy--its discomfort; heavy baby
        2. He’s upset at her; she says she "understands"; he hates that Therapeutic approach
        3. Seguay to Ted’s call--DP; a German; then back to Miriam. who wants him to go for therapy--giving us sense of Eli’s irritation; Artie’s call
    4. -bedroom and living room 259-263
      1. Head on baby inside Miriam; talking to child abusively about its mother
        1. her concern about what’s inside
        2. multiple hostility--about her not cooking, relationship with his doctor, interest in Freud and New Yorker, no dowry
        3. her analytical searches for deep motive
        4. his very sarcastic sense of humor--naming baby Eckman
      2. letter to Tsuref
        1. seeking compomise
        2. argument for conformity and assimilation--dont wear the wrong clothes
        3. reference to tensions between Xtians and Jews and conditions in Europe
        4. Tsuref’s laconic reply--he’s got no other coat
    5. Eli and Tsurek 263-269
      1. Eli feeling accused
      2. He got nothing--emptiness; poverty--medical experiment; the horror of the legacy of the Greenie--the suit is all he’s got (!) 265--misunderstanding talk at cross purpose
      3. I am them; you are us--try suffering 265
      4. Who made the law--the heart; God
      5. vs. 20th century--two concepts of law 266
      6. Talmudic wisdom--double talk--the guru--questions with questions
      7. The greenie conveys information about Woodenton; Eli’s wife--great conversation
      8. Eli’s fear of Tsurek--candles and eyes--but Tsurek is kind--also about Miriam
      9. He runs away scared to the Yellow glow of town
    6. giving away the green suit 269-273
      1. gets green suit for the greenie; is cruel to wife
      2. gets crazy about giving his clothes to greenie
      3. her compassion and love; kissing feet
      4. she thinks he thinks "we dont deserve to be happy." 271
      5. doesnt want him to give good suit away
    7. Elil’s conflict and choice 273-274
      1. too much packed, leaking out; baby starting to come out; hat and head; "delivering the suit."
      2. his inner conflict about yielding to her and to love and his obsession about the school
    8. The pains of labor 274-281
      1. she’s giving birth; he’s writing letter--get him to change clothes; assimilate
      2. theme of life of sacrifice--274; his amazing guilt
      3. misunderstanding about baby at home--paradox of wanting more primitive life
      4. Eli lies like a diplomat to Ted; Ted says "We isnt me."
      5. No compromise possible--abuse of orthodox; wanting to get rid of them; deny them [Roth’s several targets]
      6. Ted hates religion--Abraham story in Bible
        1. story of child sacriifice--sacrifice to show devotion--cf. sacrifice p. 274
      7. Healthy relation between modern Jews and Protestants--not Catholics
      8. No fanatics, no crazy people, no pogroms--myth that Holocaust due to lack of assimilation..moderation
        1. characterization of Yeshiva--oy, oy, oy (278)
        2. he’s in labor; tomorrow’s judgement day
      9. the suburbs: peace and safety (279)--NB--what all the Jews want
      10. Eli taking Ted’s view now--the in-betweener
      11. [light bulbs]
      12. seeing the greenie; hearing moan; reaching way down; flees embrace--after having left sacrificial offering 281
    9. The replacement of loss--son born; Eli’s conversion 281-286
      1. son born
      2. Greenie’s walking around in suit; Ted’s happy
      3. Eli sees him and senses Greenie’s loss of identity.
      4. Sees Greenie as himself; spaces out
      5. Wants greenie not to make trade
      6. box returned--revelation in blackness--NB [wow!] 285
      7. hat gives him bags under his eyes; the relics
      8. white under everything--tzizit--he puts them on and is transformed
    10. Eli’s self revelation 286-288
      1. reveals new Eli to town; they dont respond--Hi Pop
    11. Eli and the Greenie 288-291
      1. greeeny and he look at each other--they are intertwined; greenie is painting; coviering things over
      2. greenie is frightened;
      3. paint tear dropspoints toward woodenton
      4. eli has revelation.
      5. What is it? 291 [CLIMACTIC moment]
    12. Stopping traffic; claiming himself; taking the son 291-298
      1. Eli displays himself through town
      2. they think he’s having a breakdown; he thinks he finds himself
      3. stops traffic; the prophet
      4. free choice to go to the hospital and not change--he’d chosen to be crazy
      5. I dont know that I love him now thathe’s out--296 [?]
      6. Ted thinks of child sacrifice
      7. Make the kid wear it
      8. Claiming fatherhood--birth
      9. They take him away