1. Epstein
    1. relation to Goodbye Columbus
      1. about a change happening to characters; age passage--Goodbye--focussed on love and sex; midlife crisis vs. old man's passage
      2. chart of an affair that 's doomed--courtly love--visions of bliss; sex as vision of bliss for male protagonists
        1. use of temptation; garden of Eden--transgression, self-assertion--return to previous situation but with a difference
    2. Trajectory
      1. Part 1: E's problem: loss of son; loss of love; loss of interest in life--feeeling of loss set against sound of zipping; jealousy--brother's kid Michael is cool; Ida's daughter is cool
        1. generation gap--socialist daughter and boyfriend
      2. Part 2: salvation in sex on the horizon--humor, joy, smoking, sex, the beach, getting away, transgression, exhiliration, spending money 212
      3. Part 3: Getting caught and confession
        1. a.-Prickly heat--the title; Adam and Eve; Fig Leaf
        2. Confession to Michael--in touch with youthful self--the change 218; recollection; crying
      4. Part 4: Punishment
        1. rejected by family; heart attack; punishment and forgiveness
        2. ambiguous last line
  2. Transition
    1. religious use: shabbus candles flickering; couples having sex; Herbie's Jahrzeit candle; setting in significant time--sacreligiousness; shiksas going to church; guilt--transition to relations between Christians and Jews
    2. ethnicity=relation of self and family and community; generation gap; procreation; identity and responsibility; coercion and freedom
  3. The Conversion of the Jews--title--apocalypse--147-- and forced conversion--does he think he's Jesus?--seeing himself as orphaned; no father; Binder vs. Freedman--all early xtians produced by conversion of jews
    1. Jesus is historical--paranoia; anti-semitism?
    2. the Catholics--all Xtians
    3. Ozzie's question; god is beyond conception
    4. rules--"you said intercourse"-- taboos; what ozzie wanted to know was always different
    5. Chosen People and Declaration of Independence--all men equal; american vs. jewish identity; plane crash; cultural unity 142
    6. rabbi freaks out
    7. mrs freedman--pathos of scene 142-3--chosen person; god could do anything=Book of Job...comforters and the real chosen one
    8. shock of her hitting Ozzie...Blotnik...mumbler; unconscious; Ozzie suspected he had memorzied the prayers and forgotten all about God--arrogance of Ozzie
    9. freedom; intellectuality--the beats; Allen Ginsberg--Eastern religions; not understanding; mumbo jumbo language
    10. the boys are real mockers; jobs comforters;
    11. rabbi hits him; blood
    12. -change of tone; sky lowering; looking from above ; metaphysics; Ozzie's terrible power trip; sympathy switching from one tyranny to another; is it me? finding self? --dream of self-defintion through an outrage; personal valet spit in face--peace and power
    13. Ozzie in celestial world
    14. they mock him; he mocks them--chased there and then threateni
    15. torturing rabbi binder
    16. binder and freedman
    17. crowd wants a spectacle--jesus story--sees himself as Jesus--a martyr
    18. a child without intercourse; god can do anything; god can do anything--forced conversion
    19. biblical idea of conversion of jews; when they do the last judgement is at hand
    20. makes them vow pacifism and then dives--can do anything; pure faith; action