Copy and Imitation Exercise

Select one passage of about 250 words from the readings for this class or from another piece of nature writing--either poetry or prose--that you find particularly effective or informative. Look up any unfamiliar words or words that seem to have different meanings from their present ones in the OED [Oxford English Dictionary]. Read each sentence aloud and copy it out in longhand in your journal. Write an imitation of the passage in your own words. Make each of your sentences correspond to a sentence in the passage you copied. Feel free to update the subject matter and references and dialect.

Attach to your exercise a list of the words you looked up in the OED and the definitions that apply to them in the passage you select.


Robert Lynds (2004)

Sarah Speed (2004)

Eric Ott (2004)

Joel Barnard (2004)

Frank Thaxter (2004)

Steven Marx (2001)