Mapping the Landscape

One way of reading and writing the landscape is through maps.

Please acquaint yourself with the Maps page of the Cal Poly Land Website and the maps linked to it.

The new Zoomified map of Cal Poly Land in San Luis Obispo County is one you should be most familiar with.

It may take a little doing to get this working on your computer, but it's well worth the trouble. As indicated on the page, you'll need to download the appropriate free plug-in from the Zoomify website. Go to the lower part of their page, "Viewing Alternatives," and pick the plug in that fits your computer set-up. The variables are Internet Explorer or Netscape and PC or Mac.

Running Zoomify takes alot of memory, so you may have to close windows and applications you're not using.

Use the maps provided as a way to make your own maps of the hikes we take. In your journal, I'd like to see at least one map you've drawn of where we've walked, with whatever illustrations or notations you want to add.