English 431–class 3


  1. real player files
  2. continue on themes and previous material on "Page"
  3. goldman essay material having to do with staging 2.2
  4. goldman essay outline: http://cla.calpoly.edu/~smarx/Shakespeare/Shessays/GoldmRJ.htm
  5. staging 2.2
    1. location: set in garden; he below; she above
      1. he looks up; she looks down
      2. moonlight illumination only
        1. voice and language ; rather than sight or touch
      3. absence and separation as intensifiers of desire–"teasing" as with stallion and mare–pulled back and yearning toward
    2. discourse analysis
      1. how all parts have beginning, middle and end
    3. two soliloquies–from separation to unity
    4. romeo’s soliloquy 1-25
      1. romeo as poet–metaphor bursting logic–like puns
      2. celestial imagery–suggesting divinity
      3. Cast it off–urging rebellion and release
      4. I will answer it/ I am too bold–staging reversal
        1. Impulse and correction
        2. Divided self–the unbounded self
        3. Metaphorical flight
        4. Back to observation and voyeuristic imaginattive transport
    5. Juliet’s soliloquy 26-48
      1. Her anxiety contrasted to romeo’s ecstasy
      2. Her philosophical transcendentalism–to get beyond names-- contrasted to romeo’s imaginative apotheosis
        1. Both "reaching" "wishing" "longing"
        2. Her idea of exchange–take all myself–desire to surrender–Romeo’s "cast it off"
    6. Dialogue 1: 50-84–Discovery and interrogation
    7. Dialogue 2: 85-135–Waves of surrender and withdrawal leading to climax
    8. Interruption: 136-141
    9. Vow and Departure: 142-157
    10. Recall and Farewell: 157-185
  6. next class:
    1. 2 people report collaboratively on ways that SIL imitates, parodies, and comments on Romeo and Juliet. Present 2 or three short film clips to elaborate your points.