English 431

Shakespeare on Page, Stage, and Screen

to triangulation to Histories to comedies to Tragedies to graduate level to advanced level to introductory level to performing approach to viewing approach to reading approach

Section 01: MWF: 1:30-2:40 in room 10-222
Instructor: Steven Marx
phone: 756-2411
Office: 47-25E (Faculty Office Building)
Office hours: 10:50-12:00 MWF

Winter 2002 Schedule

Week Date topics and activites Due Links
I 1/7

Course design and workload

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Triangulating Shakespeare:page, stage, screen

Metatheatre and Metacinema

The Globe, the World, the Web


cast Romeo and Juliet 2.2

OED--find any word

Search Shakespeare

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

SHAKSPER: The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference

Shakespeare Electronic Archive

Triangulating Shakespeare

"Dr. Marx's Special Formula"

Theatre and film vocabulary

Globe pictures


Romeo and Juliet --page

themes, character, language

read Romeo and Juliet complete

lecture notes


Romeo and Juliet-- stage

students perform; class directs 2.2

internal stage directions; subtext

read Signet edition, 160-170, Goldman essay--report 1

2 actors learn lines

lecture notes

II 1/14

Romeo and Juliet--screen

intertextuality--Shakespeare in Love as midrash

watch Shakespeare in Love

Marx website

"Two Popular Kinsmen" by Diana Henderson

reports 2 and 3--SIL as RJ

Steven Marx's Shakespeare in Love page



Romeo and Juliet--screen

Luhrman's Romeo +Juliet

watch Romeo +Juliet

report 4 on 2.2; report 5 on 3:1

  1/18 Film criticism by Peter Donaldson

study website and essay

reports 6 and 7 on "Verona Today" and "In Fair Verona"

cast Titus 3.1.15-150 and other scenes

Verona Today--multimedia study [password from instructor]

In Fair Verona--essay



1/21-- no class


selected sonnets

organizing and casting future scenes

Paper #1

read sonnets 18, 60, 129,138


Titus Andronicus--page

genre: Roman plays; Senecan tragedy

themes, character, imagery

Read Arden edition and Jonathan Bate's introduction pp.1-69

my notes on Titus

IV 1/28 Titus Andronicus--stage

perform 3.1.15-150


read Carolyn Asp's essay--duplicated report 8--Colette Hayes

"Female Agency in Titus Andronicus"

Titus Andronicus--screen

Watch Julie Taymor's Titus

Watch Julie Taymor's Titus

reports 9 and 10 : Taymore's DVD commentary on two scenes--Wendy and Christina

read Richard Burt's essay; report 11--Lindsey Robinson


Richard Burt's essay-- [password protected]

Student Papers


Richard III--page

history and historicism

Paper #2

read Act 1 of Richard III

Richard III Society website--another view of history
V 2/4 Richard III--page

Read Acts 2-5 and Ornstein essay in Signet edition 203-227

report 12 on Ornstein essay


Richard III--stage


Perform 1.2 in class

nicole largent

  2/8 Richard III--screen

Watch --Loncraine/ McKellan Richard III

read Donaldson's essay on this film

report 13 and report 14 on the essay--Nate and Jamie

Cinema and the Kingdom of Death [password protected]
VI 2/11 Richard III--screen

Paper #3

View the Keane silent version of Richard III*

  2/13 Measure for Measure--page

read acts 1-3


Measure for Measure, plot outline


  2/15 Measure for Measure--page and stage

read acts 4-5 and introduction to Oxford Edition

Perform 2.4 in class

lindsey hayes

VII 2/18--no class      
  2/20 Measure for Measure--screen

Watch 510 players production of Measure for Measure*

Read Gospel of Matthew chapters 5-8 and 26-28 and Marx essay

report 15 on Marx essay--Lindsey Hayes

"True Lies and False Truths: Measure for Measure and the Gospels" [ no password required]
  2/22 The Winter's Tale--page

Paper #4

read The Winter's Tale Act 1

VIII 2/25 The Winter's Tale--page

read The Winter's Tale Acts 2-3-4


  2/27 The Winter's Tale--stage

read The Winter's Tale Act 5 and introduction

perform The Winter's Tale 2.3

lindsey robinson



The Winter's Tale--screen

**pcpa production--8pm at Marian Theatre, Santa Maria

watch The Winter's Tale 510 Players production*  
IX 3/4

The Winter's Tale-- stage

review pcpa production

review pcpa production

paper prompts


make movies

4 digicams reserved 1-3 pm all three days

Paper #5  
X 3/11    

edit movies


class meets at regular time; bring Winter's Tale text  
  3/15 edit movies class meets at regular time; bring Winter's Tale text  
Final 3/20 4:10pm

present movies and take home final exam

location: instructor's house--265 Albert Drive


Videos and DVD's listed here are available for individual viewing at the Learning Resources Center on the second floor of Kennedy library. Shakespeare in Love, Romeo+Juliet,Titus and Richard III can be rented from local video outlets. Viewing assignments marked with * are for videos not widely available. These will be screened at 7:00 p.m. the day before the due date in Kennedy library, room 202.

** Indicates required attendance at live performance.


Workload and Grading